Robomow RC312 Robotic Electric Lawnmower

Robomow RC312 Robotic Electric Lawnmower



Product Description

The Robomow RC312 lawn mower is new and improved for 2015, and offers faster and more powerful grass cutting to make mowing the lawn less of a hassle. The Turbo Mow feature takes on tall grass easily, so the first cut of the season is quicker and more effective. SmartMow software improves the mower’s manoeuvrability and navigation, so it can plan its moves in advance and mow without stopping. This not only makes mowing quicker, but also helps to prolong the lifespan of the motor. Set-up is simple with a step-by-step instruction manual. Theft protection which includes an alarm system helps to keep your Robomow safe. Bluetooth connectivity lets you manage all of the Robomow RC312’s features from your smartphone. With this model, you’ll get a compact single-blade mulching system, and a tilt sensor which immediately stop the blade from rotating when the Robomow is tilted. The Robomow RC312 is compact for easy storage, and comes with the charging base station.

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